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It appears that our layout will survive the Museum’s renovation that will start next year. It also means that the work that we have started to define a formal relationship with the Museum and to make the layout available to the public whenever the Museum is open can now go forward. We will also be trying to meet the Museum’s request by modifying the layout to create a new interactive element that let kids run a train when no club members are present.

This is a solid step in the right direction that we think will lead to a better experience for everybody. We will make further posts as this work progresses.

Click here for more information on our campaign to Save the Train!

Museum Working to Save the Train! http://ggmrc.org/2014/05/15/museum-working-to-save-the-train/ Thu, 15 May 2014 16:50:30 +0000 http://ggmrc.org/?p=837 Continue reading ]]> We have had two very positive meetings with the Randall Museum and the Parks & Rec. Department to discuss how to Save the Train! The meeting last week included Phil Ginsburg, General Manager. He gave his commitment to work toward Saving the Train!. The meeting this week was a working level meeting. Click here to see a letter that was jointly issued by the GGMRC and the Randall Museum that describes how we are both working to Save the Train! In this weeks meeting they said that the Museum met with the San Francisco Building Department twice. The first time had a very negative result that would lose the train. After the GGMRC researched the codes and found exceptions that would let us stay, the Building Department became much more positive. A third meeting is scheduled between the Museum and the Building Department for the end of May. The Museum expects to get a definitive ruling in that meeting. This means that we should know if we will be able to Save the Train! in early June. We will publish a progress report then. Click here for more information on our campaign to Save the Train!

Digital Controls Now Here! http://ggmrc.org/2014/01/14/upgrade-to-digital-controls/ Tue, 14 Jan 2014 23:09:24 +0000 http://ggmrc.org/?p=619 Continue reading ]]> After working on it for the last year, we have completed the conversion and are now running DCC regularly. We will run DCC trains on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings.

Come by and take a look. We would love to have you join us.

Thank you all for your support! This will help us to make running trains on the layout more interesting for us and for you. We will be able to run more trains on the layout at the same time and to run them closer together.

Thanks for your help! http://ggmrc.org/2013/01/15/raising-funds-for-layout-modernization/ Tue, 15 Jan 2013 17:41:32 +0000 http://ggmrc.org/?p=568 Continue reading ]]> DCC Thermometer 6aWe have exceeded our goal of raising $2,500 to support the conversion of our layout to use the latest digital control system. As of our business meeting in November we had raised more that $2,600. Many thanks to everybody who helped us.

This upgrade will allow us to run more trains on the layout at one time and take advantage of the the sounds and controls that are available on the latest locomotives. This will make running trains more interesting and more realistic.

Our layout was originally designed and built more than 50 years ago. It has proved to be very flexible and has stood the test of time well. However, we have decided to adopt the new digital technologies that are now available.

This upgrade went well beyond what the club had been able to raise on a regular basis to maintain and operate the layout. We need your help to accomplish this upgrade.

We will appreciate your future donations that will help us to continue to improve our layout. Even a dollar or two would help. You can send your donation to:

GGMRC Modernization Fund
P.O. Box 14933
San Francisco CA 94114

Thank you for your support!

Repairs to the Layout. http://ggmrc.org/2012/10/23/repairs-to-the-layout/ Wed, 24 Oct 2012 03:28:15 +0000 http://ggmrc.org/?p=539 Continue reading ]]> Over the past several months the members of the Golden Gate Model Railroad club have worked to fix many things that had become broken and needed repair. These repairs allow us to run more trains and help create a better viewing experience for the public. The repairs are made possible via funding from public donations. Below is a picture of the recently repaired and now operable roundhouse and turntable.