An update on the GGMRC Layout

About a year ago, on December 2015, the Club formally turned over the layout to Randall Museum Friends – the non-profit Friends organization of Randall Museum.

Randall Museum is currently closed for renovation; as it is a construction site, access to the museum is limited to the renovation team. The train room is thus currently not accessible.

Randall Museum will open early 2017. The railroad layout is remaining and is to be one of the featured exhibits. It is being partially automated to offer some activity whenever the museum is open to the public. A higher glass barrier is being installed to make it safe to have the layout on display whenever the museum is open.

From a model railroading perspective, no significant change is being made to the layout. It retains its original track plan, as listed on this site, and the automation will not affect operations.

After it reopens, Randall Museum looks forward figuring out how to continue participation to run trains and provide an educational and operational value. Nothing specific has been decided yet, except there is a strong desire to coordinate and figure the best way to make this happen.

For further questions, please contact Nathan Robinson from Randall Museum Friends.

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