Museum Working to Save the Train!

We have had two very positive meetings with the Randall Museum and the Parks & Rec. Department to discuss how to Save the Train! The meeting last week included Phil Ginsburg, General Manager. He gave his commitment to work toward Saving the Train!. The meeting this week was a working level meeting. Click here to see a letter that was jointly issued by the GGMRC and the Randall Museum that describes how we are both working to Save the Train! In this weeks meeting they said that the Museum met with the San Francisco Building Department twice. The first time had a very negative result that would lose the train. After the GGMRC researched the codes and found exceptions that would let us stay, the Building Department became much more positive. A third meeting is scheduled between the Museum and the Building Department for the end of May. The Museum expects to get a definitive ruling in that meeting. This means that we should know if we will be able to Save the Train! in early June. We will publish a progress report then. Click here for more information on our campaign to Save the Train!

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